No rest for the wicked

A little update on my Russian crochet:)
I've been visiting my DD to babysit my grandchildren, i took some motifs along to crochet.
Here are some color variations on the coronet motif from Duplet 104

04. Duplet 104 Coronet Variations
It's such a fun motif to make, and i love how they came out.

The spiral motif from Duplet 99 in some flowing color variations

09. Duplet 99 Spiral Motif Variations
I struggled in the beginning with this motif, because the original chart was too tight, the centre kept popping up. So glad i solved that problem without blocking!

Another project emerged, because i'm going on a holiday to Spain, and my other projects are too far along to take with me, it would take another suitcase to bring it all! I designed a square, based on the Irish rose. I think it wants to be a pillow cover, but of course that can change during the proces:)

01. Irish Rose Square Finished
This is the original design, i will use it in a red pillow cover for my DD, it will contain all the Russian 'try-out' scrumbles i have been crocheting.

02. Irish Rose Square
This is the chosen yarn, a creamy cotton, it has such a nice vintage look to it.

This design also will be in my jacket/cardigan, because it's very suitable to play with different colors, so a little bit of me will be in there too...


  1. Ik zag ze al op R. voorbij komen. Mooi als altijd. Je duplets, niet ik :-))
    Heb er zelf enige geprobeerd maar geef het voorlopig op. Je lacht je krom als je ze ziet.

    1. Je maakt me steeds nieuwsgieriger naar je probeersels:)