Stop slacking, start netting!

I knew i had to stop procrastinating making blankets and other easy stuff, and start making a pillow cover from the Russian motifs. It involves netting, and that is soooo not my thing! I gathered my motifs, heaved a sigh and started:)

The pillow cover is for my oldest daughter, she loved the red Russian motifs a lot  and asked me to make something of them for her.

Here's the progress so far... 
I send her the picture, and she was very excited about the result.


  1. Hi Hyke,

    I love your site! Where can I get patterns for Russian Motifs?

    Carol Beck

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the compliment! Glad you like my blog.... If you google on Picassa web for Duplet crochet, you will find tons of motifs!