Russian Paisley Motif

This paisley is one of the russian patterns i deciphered. The original pattern can be found in Duplet 99.

On the page the specific paisley is the one on the bottom right side.

Because my crochet is fairly loose, i took out several parts of the pattern to prevent it from getting ruffled.

Here are examples of my take on the paisley.

In unicolor.


The colorchange on the chart i made have the following meaning: the red rounds are the front side of the work, the blue rounds the backside. In the grey rounds the stitches are crocheted through both loops, the colored dots give directions to which side the round is crocheted.

*note: the colored sc’s are crocheted in the backloops of the previous round.
The dc’s are crocheted through both loops.

First round: 
Start with 8 ch and close with ss, or use a magic loop, make 20 sc in the circle, close with ss.
Second round: 
(work in both loops of the sc round), ch 8, dc in 10th sc, ch 4, dc in the same sc,* ch 1, dc in next sc,*, repeat 8x, (9 dc total), ch 2, close with ss, ch 1
Third round: 
turn work, crochet according to chart, use only the backloop.

The rest is fairly easy working with the chart.
Enjoy and if any questions, just ask, as always:)

Paddingcord Leaves (small)

Because most leaves, crocheted by the Russian and Ukrain artists, are rather big, i designed these leaves to make a good filling motif for my Russian experiment. It’s a simple and easy design, and you can change the size by adding more stitches. The explanation is rather extended, because i will give this pattern in our new FF Dutch group on Facebook, and a lot of participants are new to this kind of crochet.

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
pc - paddingcord

Use pc. I like to crochet over just 1 thread, making the chain with a long tail, which i can use as pc (less weaving!).

Make a chain of 9 stitches.

All sc’s are crocheted on the back loop.

1st. 8 sc starting in the second ch, 2 sc over pc, (tail), turn

From this point all rounds are chrocheted over pc.
* tighten the pc after every round.

2nd. ch 1, 9 sc, turn

3rd. ch 1, skip 1, 8 sc, 2 sc over pc alone, turn
4th. ch 1, 9 sc, turn
5th. ch 1, skip 1, 8 sc, 2 sc over pc alone, turn
6th. ch 1, 9 sc, turn
7th. ch 1, skip 1, 8 sc, 2 sc over pc alone, turn
8th. ch 1, 10 sc (middle), turn
9th. ch 1, 8 sc, turn

10th. ch 1, 8 sc, 1 sc in turn ch of the previous round, 1 sc over pc, 1 sc in last sc of the 5th round on the other side, thus crossing over and connecting the both sides, turn

11th. ch 1, skip 1, 8 sc, turn
12th. ch 1, 8 sc, 1 sc in turn ch of the previous round, 1 sc over pc, 1 sc in last of the 3rd round of the other side, turn
13th. ch 1, skip 1, 8 sc, turn
14th. ch 1, 8 sc, 1 sc in turn ch of the previous round, 1 sc over pc, 1 sc in last sc of the 1st round.

Fasten off.

I hope you have fun with it:)


  1. thank you for posting this! I will definitely use these tutorials. :)

  2. Ik kom ook weer eens kijken....
    Dank je wel voor deze uitleg. Ik heb het opgeslagen en wie weet, ga ik het eens uitproberen.

  3. I love all your achievements full of originality, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  4. 1000 thanks for posting the paddingcord leaf instructions: I had found the pictorial without the words at a Russian site and was heartbroken not to have specifix, so this discovery here at your blog is like a 23 day late birthday present! :)


  5. The Russians and Orientals have beautiful patterns, but without understanding either, I just look with longing to be able to Crochet them. So many thanks. ....for your hard works for us.