The perfect template!

Because a lot of freeform wearables i see are a bit moo moo-like, i wanted to get a better fitting template. I went out and bought a jacket in my size in the sale, took it apart, and hemmed the sides back into place.


The fabric of the jacket is jersey, i did the hemming manually, because i was afraid they would get frilly when i used the sewing machine. It took me all day, but now i'm really happy, i have a perfect fitting template!

Maybe the stripes will be a bit distracting, but the inside is white, i could use that.


  1. another great posting, I'm looking for a top to deconstruct for future project.

    1. That's great! But i'm not taking credit for the idea, it's been done by a lot of others. I just wanted to het the idea out to people, who didn't know:)

  2. That's amazing, bec. if you had asked me, I'd have said, oh NOOOO, never use a stretchy fabric for the pattern. Ya learn every day, LOL!

    Speaking of which, I need 2 pick your brain, please: How would I go about doing the double crochet cluster in the "eye" of this butterfly? (I know how to do a double crochet cluster per se, but not in this context; I've been wracking my brain trying to figure it out.)

    THanx in advance 4 any input on this.


    1. I took a look at the butterfly, i think when you chain to get the wing, you stop at 3/4th, make a cluster of 3 double crochet in 1/4 of the chain, chain back to the beginning, and start on the outside of the wing with double crochet. I hope this helps:)

    2. Wow, je bent een genie! Ik zal proberen dat! Dank u wel! :)


      NC (who finds it curious that "je" in French is "I" ["jeg" in Norwegian, too] yet in Dutch means "you"---proof of pantheism? {snort})

  3. Bonjour de France,
    Bravo c'est magnifique, ou trouver votre boutique sur Etsy ?