Happy destashing

It's been a while since i uploaded my business:) It doesn't mean i have been idle!
Last winter season i bought and stashed a beautiful multicolor yarn. I knitted 7 cowls, one for me, sold 3, gave away 3 to beloved ones:)

I knitted a hat for myself, finally designed a not-so-stupid-looking-on-me pattern. 

One of my friends asked me to knit her a headband, for the coming days too warm for hats, but cold to the ears. I ended up knitting 5:)

I knitted one of these mobius cowl for my DD, and her six year old girl wanted to have one to:)

I frogged a scarf, hat and mittens of my daughter, and had no clue what to do with the yarn. I found this pattern on Ravelry, Called Eight Godmothers, changed it slightly, and made 3 of them.

I am not a big fan of novelty yarns, but last year i bought a lot of this yarn, Katia Gemini. I made a babyblanket, a neckwarmer and this great scarf with it. The pattern is a Ravelry find: Shropshire Scarf. Glad the yarn is gone, but love the pattern!

From what was left, i knitted another great neckwarmer, made for my Etsy shop.

My youngest DGD has grown out of her last pair of booties. I made a new pair, hoping she'll want to wear them, she is in her terrible two's:)

Since winter is arriving soon, my DGD needs a new pixie, scarf and mittens to keep her warm. The mittens are still in progress. The scarf is made with a stitch i found on the net. It is a design of Cheryl Woodruff.

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