Mystery freeform project

Dreaming about freeform again, i took a pile of pastel colored acrylic yarn, and started playing with it. I had no clue, what it was going to be. Inspired by the Russian motifs i have been making this summer, i wanted to try to make the motifs more 'solid', to be possibly used for something suited for the winter.

This motif was inspired by someone i follow on Pinterest, it was a crocheted border. Here is the link to the page, where the original motif can be found:

This motif is my own design, there is no written pattern of it.

This 'wing' motif can be found in Duplet 106. I just used the 'wing' part to create the circle.

This curly motif is from Duplet Especial, i changed the outside points of the star to just double crochet.

This is a motif from Duplet Especial again, i love the overlapping effect of it!

I have been waiting to try this braid from Duplet 108. It worked like a charm, following the photo tutorial.

To make some 'filling' motifs, i remade just the centre of the larger motifs.

I still needed some small 'fillers, so i made these little bobbles, it works like this: wrap the yarn 20x around a pencil, take the wraps off the pencil, insert the hook through the centre, and make a single crochet around the yarn. Repeat this till the circle is filled with single crochets.

Then it decided it wanted to be a shouderwarmer:) I pinned and sewed the motif on a template made of fleece. That is a wonderful material to work with, it's firm, yet flexible enough to work nicely! I intend to use fleece for my future templates for sure!

The template with motifs looked a little empty, i made some more little circles. These are crocheted as follows: 10 single crochet in a magic round, close with a slipstitch, another round of single crochet, making every second stitch a double single crochet in one stitch. Close with slipstitch. Change color. Push the hook from back to front under the two loops of a single crochet, then pick up a loop through the centre of the circle, pull it to the back and make a slipstitch. Continue this until every single crochet is filled. Close with a slipstitch and fasten off.

This is the final result, after removing the template and sewing threads.

And here is the final result... I'm so pleased with it!

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