Neckwarmers and stuff

Since i made the Eight Godmothers neckwarmer, designed by Linda Day Morehouse, a pattern which she graciously made available for free (thank you Linda!), i have knitted another one. I had some yarn laying around, it didn't have the right gauge, but i adapted the pattern. The colors are red and black, when it was finished, it looked like a Kozak military collar;). Hence the name: Kozak neckwarmer.

I crocheted some triangle shapes to fill the wedges, it makes the neckwarmer even more special.

Winter is coming, i thought a headband would be a good idea. I had just enough yarn to knit one.

And then there was the other one...
In the past i have tried to make a freeform hat, but that was a bust!

This is what i had thus far. I was so unhappy with the result, i took it apart and was stuck with a bunch of flowers and leaves. In my neckwarmer-spree it came to me, why not make a freeform neckwarmer?
It was one of my better lightbulb moments:)
Here are photos of the process of building it.

First i sewed the flowers and the leaves together in wedges, using the other neckwarmer as a model. In order to keep it in shape while working on it, i crocheted chains on the top and bottom of the piece.

The next step: i crocheted a collar and strips. The ribbing effect of the collar and strips is the result of rounds of single crochet, crocheted on the backloop. I had the idea to crochet the in-between spaces with various tight crochet stitches, like single crochet, but experimenting i found it took the shapes of the flowers and leaves away. I decided to do some netting in the spaces, so i sewed the piece on a blank canvas. This gave room to move and crochet without loosing the general shape.

I was pleasantly surprised by the result. The netting was kept fairly small, to keep the idea of a warm neck:) 

Some close up photos to show how it was done.

The final spread out.

And this is what it looks like on me. The headband was the finishing touch!


  1. Bonjour de France,
    Bravo c'est magnifique, ou trouver votre boutique sur Etsy ?

    1. Bonjour, merci beaucoup pour les complimets:) Ma boutique n'est pas encore ouverte. Au moment elle sera ouverte, je vais annoncer sur mon blog