New symbol scrumbles

I crocheted a Hamsa hand.

Top left: It usually starts with a drawing, thoughts put on paper. It doesn't always come out the way i have drawn it, but that's the beauty of freeform! Top right: leaves on the bottom. It is a basic leaf pattern, embellished with bobbles. The eye is a little leaf as well, with a circle of single crochet, crocheted onto the centre of the eye. Bottom left: The fingers are crocheted. Originally i wanted to knit them, but was afraid they would be too small in comparison to the crocheted leaves. The fingers are crocheted from right to left with 4 rounds of Tunisian honeycomb stitch, 5 rounds of single crochet, and 4 rounds of Tunisian honeycomb stitch. Bottom right: the scrumble all done. To make them stand out more, i embellished the fingers and the bottom with surface single crochet.

A lotus flower.

Top left: the worksheet. Top right: the leaves are knitted, the heart is crocheted. Bottom left: I crocheted the heart and leaves together with surface single crochet stitches. Bottom right: behind the 5 big leaves i knitted 3 little leaf tops peaking out of the back, and gave them a border of surface single crochet as well. The beauty of surface single crochet is, that leaves a border on the outside, which can be used to invisibly connect other scrumbles.

I wanted to knit an Ankh symbol with cables.

It took a week of blood, sweat and tears to get what i had in mind. Cabling around corners is very tricky! Top left: i started with i circle of single crochet and half double crochet, creating a square to attach the arms of the symbol. I picked up the stitches i needed for the cables with a crochet needle, using the front and back loops. I knitted the centre with increasing stitches, to get the shape. The top parts were knitted separately. The cables were darned together to close the circle. The middle and cables were sewn together. Bottom left: The arms of the symbol are knitted cables. To get a wider base the last turn of the cables were increased with 2 stitches. Bottom right: the scrumble finished. First i crocheted a round of single crochet around the scrumble, then i crocheted a line of surface single crochet between the knitted and crocheted section.