The back is done!!!

Pictures of the next phase.

Top Left: i wanted to create a 'blowing bubbles' effect, so i crocheted circles of various sizes and structure. Top right: The circles are crocheted together with surface chain stitches. Bottom left: i made a fleece template of a good fitted cardigan. I use this to lay out the scrumbles. If i want to make a connection between the scrumbles, i pin them down and crochet them together. Bottom right: The bubbles part is done. To create a playful effect i placed some single bubbles above and to the side. The stitches in the background are single crochet. With this kind of freeform you don't want to hate weaving ends:)

Assembling the rest of the back. Top left: an adapted version of Catharine's Wheel stitch, the special elevated effect is because i used backpost double crochet. Top right: a double seed stitch. Bottom left: umbrella shells. They can be found on: Bottom right: brick stitch. This stitch is from Vogue Knitting, page 123.

And the back all done! I must say the fleece template works really well. I am very happy with the result so far:)

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