The last ones are done!

Of course the heart symbol shouldn't be forgotten!:)

Top left: the chart. It is made of Tunesian crochet with popcorn stitch. Every line is a stitch, the circles are popcorn. It starts with 3 stitches, after that increased as indicated. Decrease the top half as indicated. The pattern repeat starts at 7 stitches. Top right: the popcorn is made on the chosen loop by making chain 1 and 2 single crochets. Bottom left: take the hook out of the working loop, pick up the chain at the beginning, pick up the working loop, yarn over, pull through. This way you get a popcorn, which you can crochet as tunesian in the next round. Bottom right: hearts on a string:)

Sometimes i get so tired of my perfectionism...

i could fit the hearts-on-a-string in my cardigan, so ripped it. Photo left: the chart for those who are interested. Photo right: the heart revisited, i'm happy with it:)))

The sun has been a very important symbol in many cultures. My design is strongly inspired by the Incan culture.

Top left: a crocheted circle, starting with 6 sc in a magic ring, the next round in every sc  2 sc, nect round 1 sc and 2 sc in 1 alternating, next round 2 sc and 2 sc in 1, increasing every round the number of sc between the 2 in 1 sc's. This way the circle stays flat. Up until 42 sc (5 sc in between). Top right: pick up 42 stitches on the backloop with circulars. Next round increase every stitch in stockinette (82). Next round: stockinette.  Bottom left: cross the first 2 stitches to the left, the first purl, the next knit, knit 3, cross 2 stitches to the right, the first knit, the second purl. repeat througout the round. Next row, as the stitches appear. Next round: purl 1, cross 2 to the left, knit 1, cross 2 stitches to the right, purl 1, repeat. Next round: as the stitches appear. Next round: purl 2, make a new stitch, take off the next stitch, knit 2 stitches together, pull the first stitch over the next = top, make a new stitch, purl 2, repeat. Next round: purl. Next round purl and cast off, leave the last stitch and use it to start a round of sc in every casted stitch. Bottom right: the sun symbol all done:)

The last symbol... Ending with a rose is a good idea:) I found this picture on a new age site, but no explanation of the meaning. I think it looks like a rose, but it also resembles the drawing of an orange chakra.

Top left: the inspiration. Top right: the first leaves crocheted. Bottom left: the scrumble is crocheted. Now it still looks like a flat little thingy:) Bottom right: finished! made the lines stand out more with some surface chain stitche sand it came to life! Amazing what a few chain stitches can add!

The next step will be crocheting, knitting and/or sewing the symbols.

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