Three more to the pile

Revisited the peace symbol. I still wasn't satisfied, so i ripped it.

After a lot of trying, this one is the final symbol i'm at peace with:) Top left of the photo: the drawing. Top right: the parts of the symbol. The cross is crocheted up and down on a chain, embellished with picots. Bottom left: the outside circle is crocheted the same way, picking up the 'arms' on the way. Bottom right: the symbol is attached to the circle with surface single crochet.

The next one is a pentagram.

This is an ancient symbol, that means protection. This one was fairly easy to make, based on a 5 pointed star. Top left: the heart is a circle of 2 rounds of single crochet, the next rounds the shape is made by making 3 single crochets in the corners. In the middle of the sides i crocheted a chain of 6 chains, retuning on the other side with 5 slipstitches. Top left: the points crocheted in descending order: 2 double crochets, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet and 1 slipstitch in the top, making the same stitches in reversed order on the other side of the chain. Bottom left: the lines of the pentagram are crocheted with surface single crochets. Bottom right: the spaces between the point are filled with single crochets, after that a round of single crochets to make the circle.

The butterfly, symbol of transformation.

Top left: from scratch:) Top right: the body is a chain with single crochets on both sides, embellished (yet again:) with surface single crochet. The wings are crocheted separately with half a circle of half double crochet clusters, and Tunisian honeycomb stitch. Bottom left: on the outside a round of clusters and half double crochets. Bottom right: around the half-circle a little round of surface crochets, to enhance them. On the outside a round of single crochets, to shape the symbol, and make ground for attachments. The butterfly is ready for take off:)

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