Secret project

I wanted to do a yarn bomb project in my street. There is this fence, that screams for some crocheted ornaments. Here's the story.

First i gathered some crocheted snowflakes diagrams on my pinterest. They can be found under the name of Hyke van der Meer, the pinboard is called Russische haaksels (sorry for the Dutch name:). I made 12 ornaments. I soaked them in a mixture of half wood glue and water, to prevent them from sagging. They even are water-resistant now! Note: i pinned them to block, and used normal iron pins, but they stained rust on the ornaments. Next time better to use stainless steel pins!

The next 2 ornaments are slightly bigger.

The bottom one says "Happy Holidays"

Last night at 01.30 i put them up.

This morning i took a picture with much better light:)

I hope they won't be stolen and/or taken down by maintanance.....

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