Another blanket: Autumn Tile Overlay

Yet another blanket i just finished, my Autumn Tile Overlay Blanket. This blanket is made from Fenna acrylic yarn, it has a beautiful color flow. When i bought the yarn, in the story i loved the colors, but after coming home, i wasn't that much sure anymore. Since I am not a fan of green and brown shades, but not willing to return the yarn, i decided, to make a blanket size 1 x 2 meters.

I took a picture on this old chair, it's a wonderful photo prop. Unfortunately the colors aren't correct, IRL the shades are much darker.

Some detail photos of the overlay work. I finished by making a border of one round back post single crochet, and a second round of back post half double crochet.


  1. Hello. I bought the same yarn. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern?
    Greetings Yvon