The return of the Freeform Unicolor cardigan

My Freeform Unicolor Cardigan has been hibernating for a long time, due to a lack of courage to restart the project. I had to rip both the front panels, because i made a crucial error in the templates. I was so frustrated, i threw it in a corner of my stash.

Recently i picked it up again, because i wanted to wear the cardi to a yarn fair (to show off:). I redid the front panels, and finished the sleeves.

Now i was ready to sew it together. 

A side note for myself and others: pay attention to the weight of the pieces, after i had sewn it together, the sleeves were sagging and were too long. I had to rip the bottom part and make them shorter.

And finally, the finished cardi... my sweet daughter took the pictures. I am really happy and above all proud of the result!

This last symbol is the secret symbol, which i made when the whole cardigan was done. This is my initial, i have used it in all my work since 1969, so in a way, this symbolizes me:)


  1. This looks fabulous, just like all your work. It's great that you took the time and trouble to pick it back up, frog where necessary, and end up with this piece of wearable (or frameable) art. Congratulations!


    1. Thank you, Pearl, for this huge compliment! I think perseverance is an important part of designing:)

  2. Really beautiful work! It really shows the stitches well by being monochrome.